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Solution: Sun Control and All-Season Window Films from NGS

office building using sun control window films

Above: NGS installed 260,000 square feet of 3M™ Prestige 40 Exterior at the Piedmont Center in Atlanta.

Key Features

  • Increase building energy efficiency
  • Reduce heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter
  • Improve occupant comfort and building appearance
  • Prevent fading caused by UV rays

NGS logoNGS provides sun control window films that increase energy efficiency, optimize heat gain, improve occupant comfort, prevent interior fading and more. 


Sun control window film is a thin construction of polyester with high-performance solar-rejecting layers and scratch-resistant coating that is applied to windows using either integrated clear dry adhesive (CDA) or pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA). Some films contain working metallic coatings (metalized), while others have no metals (non-metalized) and are safe for 5G cell phone signals. Non-metalized infrared (IR) rejecting films can be nearly invisible while rejecting as much as 97 percent of the IR energy and 99 percent of the UV rays, which are the leading cause of fading. 

The U.S. Department of Energy noted that a significant amount of solar heat gain can be reduced by the application of solar window film. They also conducted a study that found that among the top 50 commercially available energy conservation technologies, solar window film is a top-tier technology with one of the fastest payback rankings (approximately 3 years) and the highest probability of success due to ease of installation.


Solar film can be designed for application to the interior or exterior of windows to match any design aesthetic, desired look, or interior access restrictions. The various levels of transparency range from completely clear to highly reflective, and everything in-between.

Types of sun control window films


Made with nanotechnology, ceramic film is excellent at reducing solar heat gain and fading without being reflective.

Dual reflective

Provides high solar heat rejection from a mirrored exterior performance on the outside of the glass but an interior coating that reduces reflectivity for improved night-time views.


Can reduce heat loss in the colder months by up to 40 percent, reject up to 47 percent of the total solar energy in the warmer months, and improve performance of single pane glass to almost dual-pane level.

Spectrally selective

Maintains the look of natural glass and lighting while blocking excessive infrared (IR) heat and UV rays.

Dual function solar security

Improves building energy efficiency while also protecting people and property from seismic, bomb blast, smash and grab and windstorm events. 

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