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Do You Want to Grow Your Glass Company?

Of all the many things we discuss each week on the Shower Door Professionals live-stream, the topic of how to grow a glass business is probably the most popular. The first question to ask is whether you want to grow your business.

By Chris Phillips | April 19, 2022

The Role of Glass in 2022, and Beyond

February 2022 kicked off the International Year of Glass, or IYOG 2022, as designated by the United Nations (UN). This designation allows us in the industry to highlight the transformative aspects of this essential building material.

By Chris Kammer | April 18, 2022

Life and Business Lessons

Exciting new podcast for this month is now live! Went from coast to coast in a few different sides of our business and really walked away with a lot of insight. 

By Max Perilstein | April 18, 2022

Catch-Up Time

It has been so hectic lately that it’s probably time for a quick hit blog covering a wide range of subjects, including upcoming events, and a recap of GPAD and Glass and Glazing Advocacy Day.

By Max Perilstein | April 11, 2022

Everything’s Better with Daylight

Everything is better with daylight. While that may sound cliché, according to the Department of Energy, daylighting is a key building strategy that can save money for businesses. Many factors go into creating the right daylighting—the type of window, window placement, and interior design all help to control how sunlight comes into a building. However, one of the most important decisions hinges on the right facade solution.

The Massive BEC Recap

Wow. What a week in Nashville. Unreal in so many ways. Get ready, for a happening this big, and two-plus years in the making, it takes an extra-long blog with plenty of name drops is coming your way.

Deciphering LEED Credits

More than 100,000 projects currently use the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED rating systems to meet and verify their sustainability goals. It’s great to see this commitment, but what does it mean for glazing contractors?

In this four-part blog series, we’ll decipher how aluminum-framed entrances, storefronts, curtain walls and other fenestration systems can contribute to LEED credit categories.

Want Women in Your Workplace? Be Flexible

Labor is a perennial issue in the glass industry, further exacerbated recently by supply chain and logistical issues. The need to recruit and retain workers is urgent. One part of the labor pool remains underrepresented: women. No one is perhaps more aware of this than Allison Grealis, president and founder of The Women in Manufacturing Association. The organization works to empower women workers and strengthen the manufacturing sector.

By Norah Dick | March 29, 2022

Restoring life and value with on-site repair of finished aluminum

Economists and commercial developers like to say that taking care of the assets you have, generally, will provide the greatest return on investment. Historic preservationists and environmental experts will add that the most sustainable property is the one that isn’t built. Coupling these reminders with the current supply chain realities and labor constraints, many building owners are choosing to renovate.

Back at the BEC

It’s big week in our industry with BEC and GPAD finally here. By the time some of you read this, most of the events will be done. I am just so happy it is here, it’s been a long time since the last time we held this event live in March of 2020. Great to get everyone back together!